Sharon Osbourne has hit back at Chrissy Teigen by poking fun at the model's failed daytime show as part of their ongoing disagreement over John Legend's festive song.

Earlier this month, Osbourne took offence to Legend's new politically-correct version of Christmas tune Baby, It's Cold Outside on her show The Talk, insisting his new version with Kelly Clarkson is "ridiculous", prompting the musician's wife to blast back during a TV chat with Entertainment Tonight over the weekend.

"Sharon's always going to have something to say, it's her job," Chrissy said. "I remember those days of getting to talk s**t for money. It's very fun."

Teigen was referring to her short-lived show FABLife, and Osbourne used that as part of her comeback on Tuesday, stating, "It’s amazing that you remember those days, 'cause the show you were on didn't even last a season."

Sharon then fired back at her new TV rival's remark about Osbourne getting paid to "talk s**t", ranting, "We don't get paid to talk what she said, about anyone. We are self-made women at this table (on The Talk), who have lived very interesting lives, every one of us... I was born into the industry. I just didn't marry someone who was in the industry!"

However, Osbourne then made it clear she didn't want to go to war with Legend and his wife, stating, "I don't want to start anything. I think that John Legend is an amazingly, multi-talented person. He is incredible... They are just the perfect couple. I don't have a bone to pick, but I'm also entitled to my opinion."

"I just thought the lyric (in the new version of the song) was silly, and that's it," she added. "I love the way you stand up for your husband... but don't start anything, because I know it will get ugly."