The Veronicas were convinced they were the subject of a prank when they were removed from a Qantas flight last month.

Sisters Jess and Lisa Origliasso were escorted off a flight from Sydney to Brisbane following a spat with the cabin crew about baggage they were trying to store in an overhead locker, which they claim was "incredibly intimidating and confusing".

Speaking to Australia's KIIS FM radio station on Friday, Jess revealed the siblings thought the whole thing was a set up by Ashton Kutcher's U.S. hidden-camera show Punk'd.

"Because we did this thing with MTV, Lisa's like, 'Maybe we're being Punk'd?'" she said, while Lisa added, "I genuinely thought we were being Punk'd."

Reflecting on the incident itself, the Untouched hitmakers added they still don't understand what the commotion was about, explaining: "There wasn't an issue, that is what was so bizarre. There was no issue from our end!"

The pair are now pursuing legal action against the airline after releasing a phone recording, photos and alleged witness statements to support their version of events.

"We acknowledge when we make mistakes, but refuse to accept shame when we have been unfairly targeted," a statement from the sisters read.