The 'I'll Be Missing You' hitmaker has been known by several stage names - including Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Puffy, and Diddy - but it has now been claimed he's filed legal documents to have his real name, Sean John Combs, altered so that his middle name is Love.

According to TMZ, Diddy - who last year announced he was changing his stage name to Brother Love, before shortening it to just Love - filed a petition in Los Angeles County Superior Court for a name change.

The documents reportedly don't state why the 49-year-old rapper wants to alter his middle name.

In late 2017, Diddy took to social media to state that he wanted to be known by "Love aka Brother Love", before later claiming the post had all been part of a joke.

However, in January last year, the star "unretracted [his] retraction", as he admitted he did want to be referred to as Love after all.

He said: "I never went back to Diddy and I made an edit from Brother Love, since I'm already black, to just Love. The Brother seemed redundant. And it's working out great. Who doesn't love Love?"

The musician blamed his publicists, saying: "They're the ones that made me try to do a retraction, [but] I've unretracted the retraction, and I've take the Brother off the Love, and I'm just Love.

"You can call me by the other names. It's just an evolution of my soul and my vibration. I'm Diddy, but during the days that are really, really good, I'm Love - which is all of the time."

According to TMZ, Diddy never followed through with official paperwork to change his name to Love at the time, but now seems keen to add it to his legal name, rather than just his stage name.