Louis Tomlinson has admitted he never wanted One Direction to split up and he'll be the first to say “yes" to a reunion.

The 27-year-old singer has confessed that whilst he and his former bandmates - Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Liam Payne - are having success with their solo careers at the moment, he wasn't "ready" for them to go their separate ways and would jump at the chance to get the ‘History' band back together.

In an interview with the Metro newspaper's Guilty Pleasures column, he confessed: "I wasn’t really ready for the band to go on a break.

"As far as I am concerned, I am happy doing what I am doing.

"But the day that (a reunion) does happen, and everyone is ready to do it, I am ready."

The 'Kill My Mind' hitmaker - who will release his debut solo album 'Walls on January 31 - heaped praise on Niall, Harry and Liam's music and said it's great for their fans because they have a "One Direction member for every genre".

He said: "I am really impressed with the boys’ stuff.

"Liam’s making great radio records.

"I love Niall’s new song and Harry’s is brilliant too, it’s got a great chorus.

"We are good musicians aren’t we? We’re alright.

"In terms of being a fan, the amazing thing about us all going off as individuals to make different music is there really is a One Direction member for your genre of music … that is kinda cool for fans."

It seems Louis and Liam had very different opinions about 1D going on an indefinite hiatus.

The latter recently admitted his time as a "reclusive pop star" in One Direction "would have killed" him if he didn't get out.

The 'Story of My Life' hitmakers split three years ago, and the 26-year-old singer - who admitted the band were "overworked" - revealed he lost track of his interests outside of that world.

He said: "We were definitely overworked. I had no personal life, I learnt nothing about myself.

"I remember getting to therapy and the guy was like, 'What do you like to do?' I haven't got a clue.

"I just lived so long as this reclusive pop star who was afraid of people, who just stayed inside all the time. I needed to stop, definitely. It would have killed me."

Whilst Niall believes he and his bandmates would have ended up "killing each other" if they carried on as a group.

The 'Nice To Meet Ya' singer admitted they were "knackered" after releasing five albums over five years and touring the world relentlessly, and although they never had any "major bust-ups", he believes they would have come to blows eventually if they hadn't gone on a break.

He admitted: "It was incredible. But we got tired. Not tired of it, just tired out. Five albums, five tours, in five years. We were all knackered. I can never really remember any major bust-ups, just brotherly family nagging, s****y arguments like that.

"But we were gonna end up killing each other.

"We all sat down one day, had a chat and it was like, we need to take a break. Step back, chill out and try something new."