The 'Slow Hands' hitmaker has quashed rumours he's anything more than friends with the 'Wolves' singer but said he'd be down for teaming up on a song together.

Responding to rumours the pair are dating, he said: “People are fickle. Aren’t they? They don’t know whether they want us to date or go on a song together.

“I mean that would be great. She’s obviously a talented girl. And she’s a really good friend of mine.”

The Irish star has channelled the heartbreak from his split from ex-girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld into his upcoming second album - the follow-up to 2017's 'Flicker' - and he teased he's very close to finishing the record.

Niall told 'ET Canada': “I just have to like get down to what songs are actually on this album. I like too many of them. I’m about two songs off of full completion.

“When I was writing this album I tried to get all the feelings that you have after a break up.

“If that’s my centre point. Then I can just write different songs around that.

"That’s the kind of idea I was doing.

"Like some nights you feel like you wanna go out with your friends and wreck the place. And then like other days you’re really sad.”

So far, Niall has released lead single 'Nice To Meet Ya', which was inspired by a brief flirtation he had with a woman during a night out.

He said recently: "The lyrics came about from a half-true story. I was out one night and locked eyes with this girl. We got chatting, and she was with a group of her mates and I was with a group of my mates. It felt like every time I turned around - like the lyric says - she just kind of disappeared. But then over the course of the same night, in different bars around that same area, we would bump into each other. It’s a song that is basically like a movie that is based on a true story, and then you start changing stuff that makes the song start to sound a little bit more interesting."