Cardi B remembers a song from The Lizzie McGuire Movie anytime she gets invited to a prestigious fashion show.

The 27-year-old rapper has become known for her eccentric sense of style and sartorial bravery over the past few years, with fashion bosses now fighting to get her on the list for their shows.

But despite now being a coveted fashion show guest, Cardi always does her best to maintain a sense of perspective on how far she's come, and turns to an unusual movie to give herself a boost.

"I've worked so hard to be able to get to these shows," she told E! News as she attended the Vogue Forces of Fashion event in New York on Thursday night. "When it comes to the fashion industry, they don't care if you've got number one hits, all the awards, if you just ain't stylin' right, they just ain't gonna invite you to their shows, they just don't care. You've got to be into it and you've got to have a sense of style.

"Has anyone seen that Hilary Duff movie (The Lizzie McGuire Movie)? There's a song in it that anytime I go to an event that I've always wanted to go to, I always play it in my head. It goes, 'Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of'.

"That's how I feel every single time that I get invited to these fashion events because we work our a*s off, we make sure everything is on point from the amount of cleavage is shown to the way that clothing is tailored."