The 'Tik Tok' hitmaker has been embroiled in a long legal battle with the music producer, after she accused him of drugging and raping her, but has had her appeal against his defamation case rejected once more.

Dr Luke's complaint read: "Kesha and her representatives repeated her false accusation that Gottwald had purportedly drugged and raped her in countless public forums. She spread a knowingly false and wholly defamatory accusation that Gottwald had purportedly raped another female recording artist.

"Kesha and her team also promoted boycotts and social media harassment of third parties who continued to work with Gottwald in order to pressure them to stop doing so. Kesha's management even went so far as to develop a plan for "leaking" to the public the cell phone numbers and email addresses of top-level executives from SonyMusic Entertainment and its related entities."

Kesha had filed an appeal last year, which was rejected but she was hoping to have this one accepted after she was granted reconsideration.

Kesha had previously insisted she is "taking control" of her life following her legal battle with Dr. Luke and is not feeling like a "sad sap" anymore.

She said: "I've taken ownership of myself. I'm taking control of my life and my name and the music it's attached to. I'm not, like, a sad sap now. There are a couple of ballads, but my show is still extremely fun. I'm not going to be less crazy. There's an awesome band, and there's dancing and glitter. That's a promise I will keep - there will always be glitter."