Singer/songwriter Abby K has released her new record The Whole Truth, and like its title, this album is as honest and pure as one would expect from the talented artist.

The Whole Truth is a sincere portrait of Abby's journey to confront many truths, both brutal and lovely, that have shaped her life and her path to finding peace as a human and as an artist. Exploring themes of loss, rebirth and forgiveness, The Whole Truth is Abby's story.

The opening track, "My Foolish Heart," immediately showcases Abby's willingness to open up to the listener and show that she is just as vulnerable as the rest of us. We can all relate.

The rest of the record follows with a continuous heartfelt and sincere approach that will keep the listener hooked. With beautiful lyrics and infectious melodies, Abby K provides a soundtrack that can easily go along with the roller coaster of anyone's life.

When you support this project, you're supporting not only Abby's voice, but the countless hours of an all-female crew, that Abby hand-curated to make this record a reality.