The 'Crazy Chick' hitmaker wants to turn some of her home in Dinas Powys, Wales into a school to educate 20 kids, between the ages of nine and 12.

Speaking about her plans, she told the BBC: "Since I've had kids, I have become much more interested in education and child development. We started looking at different options available to us. It became apparent that mainstream is struggling with underfunding and overcrowding - teachers are incredibly tested.

"It's not their fault the way things are - the system is not working. We're trying to create something really based on everything we know about how humans learn best."

Charlotte wants to be the music teacher and has spent the last year and a half visiting schools across the United Kingdom to pick up the best practices.

The 33-year-old singer also wants to send her own kids - Ruby, 11, and Dexter, 10 - to her school too and has now submitted plans to the Vale of Glamorgan council.

Charlotte has homeschooled her children for a number of years.

Claiming the education system is "harmful", she said: "I think the education system is f***ed, there's no creativity, it's harmful, you have to nourish these little humans."

Charlotte secretly got married to Jonathan Powell in 2017 "under a tree" in Cardiff, Wales, with just a small number of family and friends in attendance.

A source said at the time: "Charlotte and Jonathan have been in love for a long time and a wedding was always on the cards. They wanted to keep things low key and swore all the guests to secrecy as they married under a tree. Jonathan has been a great influence on Charlotte, she has calmed down a lot since she met him."