The 'Too Good At Goodbyes' hitmaker loves to chow down on the fast food served at the global chain, and has admitted he and his pals have begun to critique the food at different McDonalds restaurants around the world, because the menu is "different everywhere" he goes.

He said: "I had to sample the double quarter pounder yesterday because it's new. I love McDonalds I have a Whatsapp group where we compare McDonalds around the world because it's different everywhere around the world. It should have a Michelin star."

But Sam isn't a fan of the new spicy chicken nuggets, as he prefers the special kind sold in Japan.

When asked his verdict on the spicy nuggets, he said: "Spicy Chicken Nuggets I'm going to give them a six out of ten. The Japanese spicy nuggets are better than the chicken ones."

And McDonalds isn't the only place Sam likes to eat, as he also admits he often frequents restaurant chain Wagamama - which serves Asian food based on Japanese cuisine - and once "fell asleep" in the establishment's toilets.

Speaking to Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast on Monday (09.09.19), Sam said: "I fell asleep once in Amsterdam in a Wagamama's toilet. My friends were having dinner and I fell asleep."

Meanwhile, Sam, 27, recently revealed he's learning to accept himself following a "challenging" year.

He wrote on social media: "Just wanted to share a little thought with you all. Sitting here on my first holiday in a long long time. Looking back on a year and a half of therapy and what has been probably the most challenging time of my short 27 years here. I've watched and read so much over the last 6 months to try and make sense of all the mess in my head. Tried to find ways to organise all of my problems so that they are bound and organised into folders and boxes, so that they will never haunt me or effect me again. But I'm slowly starting to realise that the words above are the only words that really matter.... and they are the words of the incredible @brenebrown .... 'You are enough'

"That mess in your mind is not a mess. It is who you are. By constantly trying to change and seek perfection and a life of no pain only causes more pain I am realising. (sic)"