The 52-year-old rocker revealed he has been approached by producers who want to put together a stage show based on his and his estranged brother Liam's rise to fame with Oasis and Noel even admitted he will go and see it when it finally gets made.

He told The Sun's Bizarre column: "The musical! People have been on to me about that for the last 10 years. And funnily enough 'Live Forever' is always the title.

"I spoke to an English guy who works on Broadway who knows about these things and he was like saying, 'Your journey from rags to riches'. And I was like, 'Do you have to make it so Dickensian? I never wore any rags'. People do love that sh*t, I know. It's inevitable it will happen one day. I will go and see it once."

Noel also confirmed his plans to sell the rights to Oasis' master recordings.

He said: "F***ing too right I am. What else am I going to do with it?"

When asked if he will leave the rights to his children, Noel - who has daughter Anais, 19, from his marriage to Meg Matthews and sons Donovan, 11, and Sonny, eight, with wife Sara MacDonald - replied: "F*** them. They've had enough."

Noel and his brother Liam have barely spoken since Oasis disbanded in 2009 and he recently stressed there's no chance of their group getting back together.

Pressed on the possibility of a reunion, he replied: "I sincerely hope not."

The 'Don't Look Back In Anger' singer also slated Liam's Glastonbury Festival set and said he was "embarrassed" by his sibling's performance.

He explained: "I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed for a man in my entire life. He's pulled off the incredible magic trick of making those Oasis songs sound weedy and thin.

"And he looked like he was having the worst day of his life, walking around in what looks like a pair of my son's pyjamas, shouting into a mic about some perceived injustice ... if you can't sing 'em, don't play 'em!"