The Jonas Brothers blamed "technical difficulties" for having to end their show in Toronto on Friday night early.

The trio were forced to cut short their Happiness Begins gig at the Canadian city’s Scotiabank Arena when they were told by one of their crew to stop playing.

“Toronto we’re so sorry we didn’t get to play our last two songs,” the band posted on Twitter. “Unfortunately there was an unforeseen technical difficulty and our production team advised we end the show. Thank you all for coming out tonight! We love you all so much!”

According to People, the Jonas Brothers didn't have chance to play their 2008 single Burnin' Up or their reunion track Sucker.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin each shared the announcement on their Instagram Stories, and wrote apologetic messages to their fans.

“Toronto we love you and you were incredible tonight,” Nick wrote.

Videos were shared on Twitter showing thousands of fans waiting for the trio to return for an encore, only to be told to leave the arena by security.

And because the trio left before playing Burnin' Up, the concertgoers decided to sing the song themselves.

In a clip posted on the social media site, thousands of fans can be heard singing the 2008 track.

"When the Jonas Brothers dip before ‘Burnin Up’ so the fans start singing it," one Twitter user wrote, while another angry fan commented: "They should have come out on stage, explained what was going on and apologized. 'Technical Difficulties' looked like @jonasbrothers just CUT AND RAN."