Camila Cabello has adopted a few life-changing breathing exercises to help her calm down when anxiety takes hold.

The Senorita singer took to social media on Friday (23Aug19) and opened up about self-help techniques she uses when she's overwhelmed by her schedule or upcoming big events, like concerts and launches.

"To anyone on here who is struggling, which we all do sometimes cause we’re human!!! I super recommend taking five minutes out of your day to just breathe," she wrote on Instagram beneath a photo of herself chilling out at a bar.

The pop star went on to admit she didn’t pay much attention to "meditation" or "the concept of just noticing your breath" in the past, but the quality of her life has improved since she started taking time for herself during the day.

"I used to live so much in my head, constantly trapped in my overthinking... as opposed to the present moment - and lately just going back to my breath and focusing on it puts me back in my body and back in the present and helps me so much," she added.

She then urged followers and fans to "just inhale for 5 seconds through your nose, and exhale for 5 seconds through your mouth" and "super focus on your breath and how it feels coming in and out of your nostrils" three times a day or "whenever you feel yourself getting overwhelmed".

"I think some tools are really life changing and help you know how to do that better, so I just thought i’d share something that’s really helped me," the singer explained.

Cabello has been very open about her mental health struggles over the summer - last month (Jul19) the Havana star admitted she still gets anxious, but her life is a big improvement these days.

In a candid Instagram post, she revealed she was always an awkward little girl, who could never have imagined she would one day become a pop superstar.

"I remember growing up hearing stories of the singers I loved, all the stories sounded the same, kids who would grow up performing for their families and putting on talent shows for their parents when they were little...," she wrote. "I never ever sang in front of my parents or friends and would get flustered when they would ask me to.

"I sang in my room when my parents left for (superstore) Walmart and cried when one day I saw them filming me through the crack of the door. I got teary eyed when people sang happy birthday to me because people looking at me actually made me overwhelmed.

"I was generally incredibly nervous and socially anxious when I was little; and people always have this look of disbelief when I tell them that."