Godsmack singer Sully Erna is soaking up his first win as a boxing trainer after fighter David Tubbs' record-breaking knock-out at the weekend (17Aug19).

The amateur boxing champion made his professional debut in New Hampshire on Saturday and recorded the state's fastest knock-out of 2019, with an 18-second win.

"It was definitely a little faster than we expected," Erna, who is Tubbs' co-trainer, said after the fight. "He did exactly what was asked of him... One of the punches landed clean on the side of the head and in boxing that's all it takes. Tubbs is obviously an exciting fighter and we all think he has a bright future.

"A professional debut is such an important night for a fighter... I'm looking forward to being a part of Tubbs' next fight and continuing to work in the boxing world."

The longtime fight fan owns a gym in New Hampshire, which Tubbs called home as he was preparing for the big fight.

Erna shares training responsibilities with longtime boxing mentor Joseph Janik, who is a big fan of the rocker: "Sully is as big a boxing guy as you will ever meet and he's extremely knowledgeable about the sport in and out of the ring," he tells Blabbermouth.net. "He brought a lot of inspiration and ideas to David prior to the fight. It definitely won't be the last time you see us working together in the corner."