The 'Chelsea Dagger' indie rockers - made up of frontman Jon, bassist Baz and drummer Mince - released their fifth record 'In Your Own Sweet Time' last year, and they have already finished work in the studio on the follow-up as they look to keep the momentum going.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz ahead of the band's headlining slot at Camper Calling on Saturday (24.08.19), Baz said: "This is the last show of the year, purely because last year was such a busy year for us. This year was gonna be a nice easy summer of festivals.

"The new album is done, we recorded a new album in early May, so that's getting mixed just now and we'll bring that out at the start of next year - and then the whole thing kicks off again. It's all good, it could be worse!"

While the trio - who are joined by keyboardist Will Foster on tour - are looking forward to the new record, the 40-year-old bassist admitted it isn't quite complete just yet as he kept coy on exactly what fans can expect from the upcoming release.

He added: "Oh, it's not that ready yet! It's not 'new album' territory. We're very proud of it - it's a follow-on from 'In Your Own Sweet Time', it's songs vaguely in the same universe. There's no jazz, no punk on it. It's very melodic.
"We explored a load of new things on that last album, and then we went a wee bit further time - but it's still us. I hope people can still tell it's us straight away, because if you lose you're signature, you're f***ed I guess!"

For The Fratellis, the balance continues to be remaining familiar to a loyal fanbase while still developing as a group, and Baz said the solution to that is making sure you're writing for yourself first and foremost.

He explained: "I know some bands don't, which is amazing if you can get away with it. But people still need to know it's you that you're listening to.

"On the other hand, it's nice when you do something totally different and somebody knew that didn't know or like you 10 years ago can listen to something you've done years later and you pick them up as a new fan or reconnect with them.

"It's a tricky old process, but rule number one is you please yourself with it. If you're happy with it, then that's the main thing. Then you put it out and just cross your fingers."