The 'Breakaway' hitmaker joked she's only landed 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' - which premieres next month - because NBC bosses "ran out" of people to ask to fill the slot and while she's excited about the programme, she's concerned she won't do well.

Touring the set in a video posted to Instagram, she said: "I have a show! They ran out of everyone else to ask, but it's fine... I hope I don't suck!"

The 37-year-old singer can't wait for the show to kick off next month and she thinks the set - which includes a neon purple sign bearing the name of the programme - is really "cool".

She said: "We're about to come out on my stage, it's gonna be so fun! Oh my god, I'm excited!

"No one asked me to do this, I'm just excited... look how cool it is!"

She then showed off the rows of seats for the audience and said: "Don't you want to come here? Doesn't this feel like home?"

The show is expected to be filmed three times a week in front of 200 audience members and, according to 'Entertainment Tonight', each episode will kick off with Kelly singing a song chosen by the crowd.

There will be no alcohol but the programme will have a "loose and relaxed" vibe, with guests featuring a mix of celebrities and regular people.

Kelly recently admitted she is "slightly terrified" about the responsibility of having her own show.

She said: "I'm, like, really excited about it, but I'm slightly terrified that people have that much confidence in me.
"I'm like, 'God, I hope I don't let people down! But no, I'm pretty stoked about it.... It's going to be fun and also it's very serious."