Lily Allen has announced she's ditching the Internet after spending a staggering seven hours per day on it.

The mother-of-two took to Instagram, ironically, to explain her decision, telling her followers in a video shared on Sunday night: "Guys I've got some sad news. Well it's good for me... My sad news is that I'm on holiday and I have decided that when I get home, I am getting a burner and throwing away my iPhone."

When one follower asked if she was drunk, Lily hit back: "I'm not wasted, I haven't even had a drink, you f**king loser. Anyway I'm done with this dead a**e app and Twitter and email and WhatsApp. All of it can go and suck its mum's... I just wanted to let you know that."

The Smile singer added she's going to miss the "Taylor Swift, Scooter Braun, Kim Kardashian, Kayne West news" and the "d**k pics", and explained: "I'm going to miss it so much. But what I'm going to do is read some books and gain some knowledge. More knowledge because I have some. I'm going to miss everything. But not that much because if I was going to miss it that much then I wouldn't give it up.

"But I do think, that s**t has got pretty real recently. I don't think sitting, staring at my phone for four hours a day, lie, seven hours a day is doing the world any good."

The declaration drew mixed comments from her fans, with one telling the 34-year-old singer: "This is why I'm giving up the Internet. I don't need this s**t."

She then showed fans her hair, which apparently had a few grey strands in it, and concluded: "That's what the Internet has done to me. I care about the world and I care about creating things and I don't really care about the validation that comes back any more. There was a time when I did but I think I'm too old for that now."