Granger Smith and his wife have revealed that their son River's donated organs saved the lives of two other people.

The three-year-old tragically died after a drowning accident at the family home in June, and the country singer broke the heartbreaking news on social media.

Granger and his wife Amber have since raised more than $218,000 (£173,000) by selling T-shirts to raise money for the Dell Children's Medical Center in Austin, Texas, that looked after the tot in his final moments.

And on Saturday, the country singer’s wife revealed on Instagram that they had decided to donate River’s organs, which had subsequently saved two lives.

“When three different neuro specialists told us that River had 0% chance of brain recovery... after shock and reality set in, I thought, how can we bury our sweet baby and not try to help others?” Amber wrote. “His body is perfect, his organs are perfect, we had to do something. There are so many people waiting for an organ to save their lives.”

She went on to explain that despite the complicated process to donate his organs, the couple was informed that their little boy had helped two adults.

"We got the letter that our tiny, red-headed hero gave life to 2 adults,” Amber sadly continued. “A 49-year-old woman and a 53-year-old man. I cried when we opened it. Cried out of sadness & cried out of love.”

“I’m so proud to be River’s mama and I’m so grateful to God that he gave him to us for those incredible three years. I pray these two recipients live healthy, joy filled, full throttle lives just like Riv,” she added.