Justin Bieber is looking forward to having children one day - but has insisted he's in "no rush".

The star took to Instagram on Thursday to share a sweet snap of him and wife Hailey enjoying a day at Disney World.

And in the caption of the post, the Sorry hitmaker contemplated the couple's future family.

“Love dates with you baby,” the 25-year-old singer wrote in the caption of the post. “One day I’ll be doing daddy daughter dates….. not hinting at anything soon I’m not in a rush. I just wanna enjoy you by yourself for a while!"

Last year, 22-year-old Hailey also told Vogue Arabia she and her husband hope to be parents one day.

“I love kids and I can’t wait to have my own,” the model shared. “I would say now that’s a closer reality.”

However, the star shared Justin's thoughts on the matter, confessing they want to wait a while so their kids can have a more "normal" upbringing.

“I got to have a normal childhood and teenage years. I didn’t start getting recognition on my own until I was around 19,” she continued. “There are some ‘normal’ things I never did — like go to college — but I do think I was able to learn how to have a schedule, be on time, and be responsible, all because I started working at 17.”

The couple secretly tied the knot at a ceremony in a New York City courthouse last September, and is reportedly hoping to mark their one year anniversary with a big bash for family and friends.