Nicki Minaj's boyfriend had to be forced to be part of her new video for Megatron after she woke him up from nap.

In a new Twitter chat with fans, the rapper reveals Kenneth Petty grumbled all the way to the set for the shoot.

"I woke dat a** up & said take off ya shirt, I need u 2shoot this scene," Nicki wrote in reply to a fan who asked if her man had to be forced to be in her new promo. "He had fallen asleep in my dressing room. He was mad aggy. He was grumbling all the way to the set talking bout he cold.

"I said boy go over there & b quiet. Once he saw the video he was cheesing nonstop."

She also gushed about Perry, revealing he calls her by her given name, Onika, and couldn't care less about her superstar status.

"others r infatuated w/Nicki Minaj he DGAF (doesn't give a f**k) about this industry & is very protective," the Anaconda star adds, revealing he's a little wary about some of her fans.

"His guard goes up when y’all r around me acting excited cuz he thinks y’all can hurt me," she explains, "but when he hears the stories from some of my fans about how they think I’ve helped them to stay in school & deal w/their identities, etc., he seems rlly (really) moved by it."

Minaj recently confirmed that she and Petty have taken out a marriage license, but no firm wedding plans have been revealed.