Jana Kramer's husband Mike Caussin has insisted he "wouldn't walk out" on the singer if she cheated on him, despite his previous remark that her infidelity would be a marriage deal-breaker.

The former American football player raised eyebrows with the controversial claim he wouldn't be able to move past Jana being unfaithful - despite the country music singer giving him another chance after he cheated on her in 2016.

But clarifying the comment during a chat on the couple's Whine Down podcast on Monday, Mike explained that he made the comment without thinking about it.

"For me, in that moment when we were doing the live podcast (and) we were interviewing this couple, honestly, I didn’t really have one - when (Jana) asked me, like, ‘What’s your deal breaker,’” he said. "The first thought that came to my mind was, ‘I don’t really have one. I don’t know.’ But I was like, ‘I can’t give the audience that answer. Let me say something that can kind of strike up a conversation.’

“I explained to Jana, I was like, ‘Look: The reason I said the infidelity piece or you cheating on me isn’t because if you did it, I wouldn’t try in our relationship. Obviously, I would, with all the things and pain that I’ve put you through. There’s no way I would just walk out.’ My thing what I was telling Jana was, there’s nothing else I could foresee a reason being that I would question our relationship.”

Mike, who sought help for sex addiction after his cheating led to him splitting from the former One Tree Hill actress before the pair reconciled and renewed their vows a year later, added that his "definition of deal breaker in that moment was a little different".

"I heard it as, ‘What would make me question our relationship?’" he mused. "And that would be the only thing, literally, the only thing. I don’t know what else, because of all that work we do. I don’t know what else could honestly make me question our relationship. But because of all we’ve been through, it just makes me think, ‘OK, that would be the one thing.’ I’d be like, ‘Damn, this sucks but let’s figure this out.’ But I’ll still have those feelings of, ‘Can we make this work?’”