The filmmakers behind Amy are in discussions to lead a documentary on rock icon David Bowie.

Director Asif Kapadia and his producer partner James Gay-Rees picked up the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for their acclaimed 2015 film about the life of late singer Amy Winehouse, and now they're looking to put their talents to telling another dead legend's story onscreen.

Speaking from the Cannes Film Festival in France, Gay-Rees tells the Mirror the documentarians have been in talks with Bowie's lawyer over rights to make a biographical film about the Ziggy Stardust hitmaker.

“He (Bowie) said before he died: ‘Don’t ever give permission to make a documentary’," James recalled of his conversations with the attorney. “But I think with time it might happen. I have had contact with his long-term lawyer. They are very like ‘there’s no rush’.”

Although Bowie's legal team is taking it slow with negotiations, Gay-Rees is convinced he and Kapadia have a good shot at actually winning the bid.

"We are really lucky to get some wonderful opportunities," he gushed. “There are lots of people in America who want (that) property. We are somewhere in the middle of a very long queue of people.”

Bowie died in 2016.