Jason Aldean's baby daughter is back home recovering after a weekend health scare.

The You Make It Easy singer and his wife Brittany took three-month-old Navy to the emergency room on Monday morning (20May19) after her temperature reached 104 degrees.

The family went home the same day, but returned to the hospital on Tuesday when Navy fell sick again.

"Basically she had, like, a stomach bug that caused a lot of vomiting and other stuff and turned into, like, a UTI (urinary tract infection) that got infected, making her have a fever and all that kind of stuff," Aldean told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday. "It's kinda been a crazy, rough week for her, but we finally got her with some antibiotics through an IV... so she turned a corner."

The baby returned home from the hospital on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Brittany has revealed the couple's second child has been struggling with health issues since birth, telling Instagram followers Navy contracted a respiratory syncytial virus. Her breastmilk also upset the baby's stomach, so she no longer breastfeeds.

"I have a lot (of milk) saved for her but her tummy couldn’t handle it for some reason,” she shared.

Brittany also praised her nanny on the social media site for getting her through times when Aldean is on the road.

“Jase is gone a lot, and I can’t do it all," she shared. "And let me tell you … she’s an angel on earth."