Alicia Keys is going all out for America's upcoming Mother's Day by whisking her mum off on a special excursion.

The singer reveals she plans to treat her mum Teresa to a trip abroad ahead of the holiday next week (12May19), but she is keeping the exact destination a secret, for now.

"I'm actually going on a little bit of a special trip," she tells E! News. "I'm actually bringing my mama, so we're gonna have a real special bonafide Mother's Day zone."

The star, who herself is raising sons Egypt and Genesis, is incredibly close with her mother - noting they've had a strong bond since she was a child.

"I was raised by my mother," she explains. "I spent so much time with her. As far as I remember, every memory is mostly with her. As time passes, you actually... you have kids, you have a family, you have a life, you have a career... you realise you don't see your mum as much as you really want to."

She also considers them to be the best of friends: "I love getting to know her as a friend...," Alicia shares. "We're best friends and we're equals and it's a really special place in the journey to come to."

As far other women she admires, Keys cites Oprah Winfrey as one of her biggest idols.

"She's a woman who has inspired us all," the singer gushes about the media mogul. "She walks in this world with a genuine spirit and a true desire to touch people."