Country star Jana Kramer will tell her kids about their father's sex addiction issues before they read all about them online.

The Whiskey singer split from cheating husband Mike Caussin shortly after the birth of the couple's daughter Jolie, who is now three.

They reconciled last year (18) and have since welcomed son Jace.

Jana now insists she and Mike will sit their kids down and tell them all about dad's issues when the time is right, so they can hear the story from their parents.

"I definitely think that’s going to be hard, because unfortunately, when they’re old enough, they’re going to Google," she tells Us Weekly. "I personally would like for them to hear it from us first before they Google.

"They’ll never know specifics. That’s something that we’re not going to go: 'Oh, you’re dad cheated'. That’s not healthy for anyone to know. So it’s just, 'Yes, this is your father’s addiction, but look at where we’re at now'."

Jana recently praised her husband after he admitted to suffering a sex addiction relapse.

The former American football star revealed all during a recent episode of the country singer's Whine Down podcast, and his wife took to Instagram to praise her "amazing" husband.

"I just want to take a minute to say how proud of (Mike) that I am," she wrote in a caption linked to a picture of the couple. "Addiction is a very hard thing for both those going through it and those affected by it but I am so proud of his strength and willingness to be a better man for not only his family but for himself."

The former One Tree Hill actress went on to reflect on the good she hopes will come from the former sportsman sharing his story, and suggested the pair is always on hand to lend support to those suffering.

"I truly can’t wait to see all the people he is going to help on his journey through sobriety," she continued. "Recovery should be celebrated. We got your back and are here for you."

Opening up about the relapse last month (25Mar19), Caussin revealed he had been in treatment for three years, and sober for one, before he suffered the setback.

"But no sex outside the marriage," Mike insisted. "I’m not minimising cheating because we have other things in Jan and I’s discussion of boundaries that’s cheating. But no sex outside of the marriage. I just want people to be clear that there wasn’t any other affair since that moment."