Iggy Azalea slammed people in the music industry who she believes are trying to sabotage her career.

The Australian-born rapper, who is set to release her second studio album In My Defense later this year (19), vented her frustrations on the site on Tuesday (02Apr19), and insisted that she will "keep going regardless".

"I hear about so many higher up ppl tryna stomp on my neck thinking it won't get back to me. It does," she wrote. "But you know what? You might be powerful but I know me & everyone supporting gonna keep going regardless.

"All my battles will be fought with positivity (sic)."

The Black Widow hitmaker didn't detail what had prompted the tirade but, in a second tweet, returned to the platform to reassure fans that she wouldn't let the opposition get her down.

"One thing ya gotta know about me is you can try to stomp out my fire but I'm always gonna keep popping back up," the 28-year-old affirmed. "I literally will NEVER give up. Never have. NEVER will. EVEEREERRRRR. X 1000000 (sic)."

Iggy dropped the first single from the upcoming LP, Sally Walker, last month (Mar19), but the song failed to match the success of the star's previous releases.

At the time, the songstress tweeted fans to encourage them to stream the hit, and she also urged her followers to help out with promotion and told them to "harass" radio stations to help the song get airplay.

"So... what radio stations are we going to harass today?" she posted.