Elle Fanning is interested in branching out and pursuing a career in music.

The actress, the younger sister of Dakota Fanning, started out her career as a child and has successfully broken into Hollywood as an adult, landing roles in films such as The Neon Demon, Mary Shelley, and The Beguiled.

While Elle has always been focused on making movies, she has now shared that singing is a major passion, and she would like to make an album one day.

“I always loved singing growing up. It was either, be a popstar or an actress. When I was a little kid, I would put on these shows and dance to The Pussycat Dolls, Gwen Stefani, Fergie…

“I would dance and sing constantly. My sister would yell at me to shut up ‘cause I was singing all the time, too loud… I had this hyper, like, ‘Whoo, I gotta go-go-go’ personality, you know? I still do,” she recalled in an interview with Net-a-Porter’s PorterEdit, adding that she hopes her musical aspirations may help her achieve her dream of starting a production company and living overseas. “The fourth album might buy the house in London.”

With her latest film, Teen Spirit, Elle has been able to dabble in some singing. In the Max Minghella-directed feature she plays Violet Valenski, a shy teenager living in a small European town who aspires to become a popstar, and with the help of an unlikely mentor, enters an international singing competition.

“I was really interested in having Violet be a leading lady that isn’t necessarily the most likeable at times. She doesn’t smile all the time, she has a harsh exterior… I was excited to show that type of girl on screen because I think it’s easy to make the shy girl who’s in her shell and then she blossoms. That’s not our story; she had to find it in herself,” the 20-year-old explained.

Teen Spirit, also starring Zlatko Buric and Rebecca Hall, is due to open in U.S. cinemas on 5 April (19).