Bebe Rexha wants her fans to know that self-love is a constant journey.

Singer Bebe has become an outspoken advocate for loving the body you have, and she proudly shows off her curve - which some designers deemed “too big” ahead of the Grammys in February (19) - in the new music video for song Last Hurrah.

While she tries to think positively about her body, Bebe has admitted there are times when it can be hard, and she wants other women out there to know it’s OK to not always feel great.

“I have moments of doing it and not doing it, but I think the one thing that works for me is taking care of yourself. I hate exercising — it’s the worst thing ever — but when I do exercise, I find myself loving my body more,” she told MTV.

“Somebody actually sat down with me and they were like, ‘Name five things you don’t like about yourself,’ and I was like, ‘This, this, and, this.’ And then they were like, ‘Name five things that you love about yourself,’ and that took me a second. But you can’t be so hard on yourself. People make it seem like self-love is so easy, but self-love is a constant journey.”

She added that whether you like the gym, meditating, seeing friends or talking to a therapist, it’s important to continuously look after yourself.

“I’ve learned that we say a lot of mean things to ourselves, especially when we look at ourselves in the mirror. I do it all the time too. But you have to start saying positive things to yourself,” the 29-year-old added.