Chris Brown has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Algerian woman who accused him of rape.

The 29-year-old Fine China hitmaker was arrested on Monday (21Jan19) after a woman filed a sexual assault complaint against him, claiming she was invited back to his room at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Paris, France, after meeting at a nightclub on 15 January.

Brown subsequently denied the rape accusations and was released without charge on Tuesday. Upon his release, Brown's lawyer vowed to file a civil suit against his accuser and now the singer is following through with his legal threat.

According to TMZ, Brown's Paris-based attorney, Raphael Chiche, filed the lawsuit on Thursday (24Jan19) under the title "false accusation, committed on January 18, 2019". In the lawsuit, Chiche also references a criminal statute involving invasion of privacy, which could result in the accuser serving up to one year in prison, if found guilty.

Brown, who is still in Paris, is keeping his spirits up amid the scandal and was seen dancing in the street as part of a music video shoot on Wednesday. He has been praised by fellow celebrities for keeping his focus on his work, but his accuser has since broken her silence to detail what she has allegedly been going through since making the accusations against Brown.

The 24 year old, who is from Algeria, recently sat down for an interview with French publication Le Parisien and cried as she described how she was being harassed on social media and by the press. She also claimed that she has received "dozen of calls" and taunts on social media from members of the singer's entourage.

She also insisted she is not pressing charges for money and simply wants justice.