Lily Allen is still receiving menacing emails from her stalker nearly three years after his detention.

Alex Gray, 31, broke into her London home in 2015 after a terrifying campaign of harassment lasting seven years, and he was detained indefinitely under Britain's mental health act the following year (16).

However, Lily claimed this hasn't prevented him from contacting her - as she received an email from him last Friday (28Dec18)

"I can't tell you what their motivations were, but from my perspective this guy committed this horrendous crime and I believed he would do it again. In fact, I got an email from him on Friday," she said on the podcast How To Fail With Elizabeth Day. "Or an email from him has appeared. Which clearly shows he is still obsessed and is no further with his mental health."

In the interview with Elizabeth, an author and journalist, The Fear hitmaker reiterated her scathing criticism of the police for not taking strong enough action to end her stalker hell.

"The police until a couple of weeks before the trial they still tried to pass it off as a burglary," she said, saying she felt "gaslit" by officers who failed to take her seriously.

Alex's campaign of hate began in 2008 when he received a caution for turning up at her house with a love letter and a CD. He later menaced Lily's manager at his office and her sister at her shop. In 2015, the stalker broke into Lily's house while she and her children were in bed. He later told police he wanted to "cut" the singer with a knife.

In a victim impact statement for the trial the 33-year-old musician said: "His violent and threatening actions and behaviour have left me terrified for my and my children's safety. I'm not only terrified of him turning up my house but also given his crazy obsession with me I'm really concerned what will happen on his release."