Hip-hop stars Migos ditched initial plans to release their solo projects as one extended album to avoid latter tracks getting lost on streaming services.

Rappers Quavo and Takeoff each dropped their own collection of songs in October (18) and November (18), respectively, with Offset preparing to unveil his solo work on Friday (14Dec18) to mark his 27th birthday.

Quavo reveals he actually wanted to launch them all as one bumper Migos project, similar to the triple album Rae Sremmurd released earlier this year (18), titled Sr3mm, which encompassed solo efforts from members Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi, in addition to a regular set from the duo.

However, that all changed when he saw how Sr3mm was sequenced on streaming services, where Slim Jxmmi's solo work was listed last, meaning fewer users were actually giving those latter tracks a listen.

"We originally wanted to do it as one whole album (and) each have our own section... an A-, B- (and) C-side," Quavo tells XXL magazine. "(But) everybody just listen to the first couple of songs (sic).

"I just wish that Apple (Music officials) could respect each person. There should be a way they can swipe over or to the side (for different sections of the bumper album)... We just had to do separate ones."

Offset admits he actually preferred the way things have worked out, because he wants each member of the MotorSport hitmakers to prove their skills separately and as a group to show their dominance of the rap industry, particularly with recent collaborations with the likes of Drake, Beyonce and JAY-Z, Calvin Harris, and his estranged wife, Cardi B.

"I really get mad as hell when they (people) (ask), 'Who's the best artist in the industry?'" he says. "The top five - we gotta be three out of the five. They try and count that s**t out 'cause we a group but that's why we doing this s**t, so we can just take over everything."

"This the three-headed monster," adds Takeoff. "We all got similarities, but something stand out about each member (sic)."

Offset continues: "We can do individual and we can move as (a) group. We do different features by ourselves and be at the top of the charts (sic). It's hard to not see us."