Diddy celebrated his 49th birthday on Sunday (04Nov18) by skydiving and landing in the backyard of the Playboy Mansion.

The Bad Boy for Life star took to Twitter to share a video of his preparations for the big jump, in which he told his followers: "I’m about to jump out of a plane. I always wanted to do it… I actually really didn’t want to do it but I started thinking about it this year, I wanted to do it in Dubai. It didn’t happen and then I said I’m going to do it for my birthday. So I’m going to jump out of a plane and I’m going to attempt to land two houses away, in the backyard of the Playboy Mansion.

"I’m living my best life. I want to tell you all to vote. Say a little prayer for me now, I’m about to go up in the air."

Diddy also insisted he wasn't jumping on Will Smith's bandwagon, after the actor bungee jumped over the Grand Canyon to mark his 50th birthday in September.

"I wanted to do this before I saw Will Smith jump out of a plane, but he definitely gave me some inspiration after seeing him jump out," he added. "Mine was already scheduled, so Will I don’t want you to think I’m biting."

Later, Diddy shared another video of himself nailing the landing in the Playboy Mansion's garden.

"I DID IT!!! Thank you to my neighbours at the Playboy Mansion for letting me use their house to land. NO FEAR!!!!" he wrote.

After Will bungee jumped from a helicopter to mark his landmark birthday, he shared a snap of himself on Instagram dangling from the aircraft, writing: "First Day of 50! I'm just getting started. I'm gonna celebrate for 365 days."

He also asked wife Jada Pinkett Smith to do a skydive as her birthday present to him.