Millennial icon Madison Beer talks to #legend for their November/December issue about social media, the music industry and what’s like being an independent artist.

Madison Beer on social media: “Social media can really mess with your head, so I think I’ve just grown to use it more wisely. I try not to feed the people who speak of me negatively, because I truly don’t have time in the day to respond to people like that”

Madison Beer on music industry: “I think people get pretty hyped about it! And that’s one of my main motivators right now – the feeling that people are excited about it.”

Madison Beer on her album As She Pleases: “I really wanted my album to convey my personality. I wanted people to listen to it and be able to get a sense of who I am and the vibe I like to go for.

Madison Beer on herself and what would she want to be remembered for: “I think kind-hearted is one of the main things I want to be aligned with. No matter what mistakes I’ve made, what path I go down or what music I make, I want people to remember me and go, “But damn, that girl had a good heart!”

Following on from #legend’s two digital exclusives in October, featuring Fiona Sit and Harin Lee, the November/December issue reveals the top trends from the spring/summer 2019 runways of London, Milan, New York and Paris. Fashion cover Angela Yuen talks about her inspirations, aspirations and passion for acting and social media sensation Susie Bubble dazzles in an exclusive shoot at some of New York’s most iconic locations.

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