Kanye West is back on Twitter, choosing to reactivate his account with a series of bizarre videos, including a 10-minute rant on mind control.

The rapper is currently in Uganda to finish recording his new album, Yandhi, and wasted no time in updating his 12.3 million followers on his location and worrying state of mind on Saturday (13Oct18).

In the first video, titled “Aha,” the 41-year-old star gives a brief tour of the Chobe Safari Lodge five-star luxury resort, where he is staying with wife Kim Kardashian and their three children - North, Saint and Chicago.

The next video, which he called “Mind Control,” Kanye launched into a 10-minute rant during which he mentioned his “Mensa-level” IQ, and criticised the influence of social media.

“You know, when people try to influence you through social media and try to tell you what to do or if you post something that’s positive on Instagram and it gets taken down if it’s not part of a bigger agenda, you know, that’s like mind control,” he explained.

“That’s the echo chamber. That’s trying to control you based off of insentivising you and based off of you getting enough likes, and that’s the poison that’s happening with social media.”

Kanye, who suffers from bipolar disorder and recently announced he had come off his medication, also shared that he spoke with Twitter boss Jack Dorsey about the ability to have “likes” removed from tweets.

He then discussed the 2016 election and Hillary Clinton’s shock loss to U.S. President Donald Trump.

“Social media told you that Hillary was gonna win and she didn’t win,” Kanye ranted. “Social media told you that people didn’t like me but everybody loves me. Everybody loves Ye! But if you read social media it makes you think something different. Un-program your minds, open your heart. Let the spirit guide you, let your conscious be free.”

The videos come after a surprising chain of events from the Life of Pablo rapper, including his recent visit to the White House to meet with President Trump.