Taylor Swift has been granted yet another restraining order against an obsessed fan, who wants to rape and kill her.

The pop star has been awarded with a string of court-ordered stay-aways following a series of run-ins with stalkers, but her latest drama could be the worst yet.

She claims 26-year-old Eric Swarbrick has been sending her written threats for over two years, boasting that no one can stop him from ending Swift's life.

According to documents, his letters to Swift have included lines like: "I want to rape Taylor Swift. This is why I hate Taylor herself... This is how I know I am Taylor's soulmate" and "I have learned to absolutely repress the metaphorical monster in me, but, very soon, I will become completely responsible for myself... What logical conclusion is there other than death."

Swarbrick has also stated he will not "hesitate to kill her", ending one letter with the chilling: "Remember who I am."

According to Taylor's lawyers, his letters have become increasingly alarming over the last few months, and many people close to Swift fear Swarbrick is a danger to her, according to TMZ.

A judge has ordered him to stop contacting the Love Story singer immediately, and he's not allowed to go near her or her properties.

Taylor recently won a five-year restraining order against a man who was arrested for trying to enter her home in Los Angeles, armed with a knife.

Julius Sandrock was arrested in April (18) and charged with felony stalking after he was spotted at the singer's estate, wearing a mask and rubber gloves while carrying a rope, knife and live ammunition.

Taylor was not at home at the time, but the incident left her in "extreme distress" and made her fear for her "personal safety", according to court documents.

Sandrock was temporarily ordered to stay at least 500 yards away from the star but at a hearing on 27 June (18), he was told to say at least 100 yards away from Swift for the next five years.

And earlier this year (18), 23-year-old Justin Christoph Lilly was arrested for trying to scale a wall at the mansion. He was sentenced to three days in jail and a year of summary probation, on the condition that he stays away from Swift's home.