Kim Kardashian has denied her husband Kanye West used a sample of her infamous sex tape in a song.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star hit the headlines in 2007 when a 41-minute sex tape starring herself and former boyfriend Ray J was leaked to the public by porn company Vivid Entertainment.

Taking to her official app on Thursday (06Sep18), Kim addressed a bizarre fan theory suggesting Kanye had used material from the footage in a new song, and confirmed there is "absolutely" no truth to the claims.

"Absolutely not," the 37-year-old asserted in a recurring segment called '#Facts' alongside her former assistant, Steph Shep.

Explaining that it was her younger sister Kylie Jenner who had alerted her to the news, she added: "What's so crazy is Kylie called me (saying), 'Oh my god, is this, you know, you being sampled?' And I was like, 'What?' I was like, 'Oh my god, no, he would, of course, ask me and tell me. No, no, no, absolutely not.'"

Kim also took the opportunity to shut down the long-running rumour that her mother Kris Jenner and Kanye have "explosive" fights due to the fact that momager Kris can't "control" the rapper.

"No one is trying to control anybody, no one is fighting," the KKW Beauty founder explained. "All of this stuff is ridiculous. They always want this Kris Jenner-Kanye beef."

Backing up her claims, Steph added: "Every time I see them, there are hugs and there is so much over love (sic) for each other!"

Concluding the segment, Kim confronted fan criticism surrounding her outfit choice to pal Pusha T's wedding in July. The mum-of-three wore a dark gold long-sleeved mini by Balmain but drew criticism online for being too short.

"I never heard that," Kim said of the accusations. "Everyone was wearing short dresses."