Sony Music and the Estate of Michael Jackson have neither confirmed or denied that three songs on the 2010 posthumous album ‘Michael’ used a Jackson impersonator instead of the King of Pop.

The three tracks in question are ‘Breaking News’, ‘Monster’ and ‘Keep Your Head Up’. It has been alleged that the vocals are by Michael Jackson impersonator Jason Malachi.

Authenticity of the recordings of the recordings has been debated by Michael Jackson fans for years. However a statement from the Sony legal team today stated, “No one has conceded that Michael Jackson did not sing on the songs,” according to a statement from Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP’s Zia Modabber, who represents Jackson’s estate and Sony Music. “The hearing Tuesday was about whether the First Amendment protects Sony Music and the Estate and there has been no ruling on the issue of whose voice is on the recordings.”

Variety went one step further suggesting too much is being read into a lawyers words at a hearing this week. Variety reported, “According to sources close to the situation, individuals who attended Tuesday’s court hearing seized upon a statement by an attorney for Jackson’s estate in which he said something to the effect of ‘even if the vocals weren’t Jackson’s’ as proof that they were indeed faked. The sources insist that the attorney was speculating”.

However, fans remain unconvinced that the songs are real.