Entertainer Nick Cannon is planning to continue his higher education so he can obtain a doctorate and become a professor.

The rapper, actor, and TV personality is currently enrolled as a student at Howard University in Washington, D.C., where he is working towards a bachelor's degree, but he reveals his school return won't be over once he graduates, and he hopes to use his further education to give back to his community.

"I'd like to do more work in the community, and I'll probably become a professor," he tells syndicated columnist Allison Kugel.

Nick isn't sure what he would eventually like to study for his PhD, but the idea of teaching others what he's learned further down the line really appeals to him.

"Right now, I'm studying criminology, but I'm also studying in the School of Divinity; and I'm in the School of Communications," he says. "Obviously, I'm in the field of communications. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the media and (media) content, so you never know. I feel that if I can put all those things together, whether it's Sociology (or) Criminology, these are the things that are prevalent to me at the moment."

And eventually, Mariah Carey's ex-husband is open to writing his own book - although it won't be anytime soon.

"People are always like, 'Man, when are you going to write a book?'" the 37 year old shares. "I'm not ready to write a book, because it would just be one of those celebrity memoirs, which is fine, but I feel that I have so much more to offer than just to tell people my biography.

"I feel like once I develop the skills that I'm researching and accomplishing with academia, then I'll really have something to say. At this point, I'm gathering a wealth of knowledge so that when it is time to spit it back out, it's valid in a strong way."