Superseed’s eponymous debut album was written and recorded in 2017/18 at the band’s garage studio in Bristol, England. 16 solid tracks, designed to get your head nodding and feet tapping, provide ear worms that hang around for days. Boasting a three pronged attack of singer/guitarists and a solid, driving rhythm section, this five piece band create a huge anthemic wall of sound guaranteed to get your cakes shaking. With a varied mixture of hard, classic, punk, stoner, grunge and garage rock influences proudly worn on their sleeves, Superseed manage to deliver an epic initial opus that will melt faces at fifty paces.

“Their noise is a mixed bag of stoner, psychedelia, 1960s garage, grunge, jangle pop, indie, hard and classic rock. On paper it shouldn’t work, but somehow the West Country men have molded things to create a homage to the past whilst still appealing to the current and future rock audience. For all the full-on licks, Superseed also like to catch you off guard with breakdowns that sound like Hawkwind having a fag break.”

“Superseed bloom with an epic 3-guitar, triple vocal trunk, roots planted firmly within 90s hard rock soil. Each branch yielding leaves of a different color ranging from noisy post- grunge, pop-punk, garage rock, and melodic pop rock. The 17 song duration plays through with ease. Great album packed with nostalgia yet catering to the modern need for speed.”

David Edgar - Vocals, Guitar
Ben Taylor - Vocals, Guitar
Daniel Armson - Vocals, Guitar
Keith Bowers - Bass
Matthew Colley – Drums

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