21 year old Luke Thompson aka ‘El’tee’ has come a long way in a very short time. From his rise in 2016, where he had spent a year showcasing his talents around London and the South East, wowing crowds with not only his singing and dance moves akin to US sensation Drake but also in his rap and lyrics reminiscent to an Eminem back in his early days.

From those shows in 2016 came the quick acknowledgment from the entertainment industry, who soon started to chase him for bigger and better shows. In fact, in 2017 came two of El’tees biggest accolades, one a performance at Wembley arena in front of a 4,000 plus crowd, to then becoming the winner of the prestigious London Lifestyle Awards best street musician of the year.

This is an artist who you have to see perform live, as albeit the song recordings he does are amazing, his performances are phenomenal. Some of the plaudits to date have come from some of the music industries biggest voices, Sam Romans of Jay-Z’s famous Roc Nation label has said how great El’tee’s voice is and has an amazing cool sound. Tony Douglas from the Voice Newspaper compared El’tee to WSTRN/Angel and declared “you gotta go check him out, his got something special”. Whilst another big gun in the industry Nicole Scherzinger almost cried when she declared on National television how much she loved the youngster and that she could eventually seeing him sell millions of records.

So who is this young hotshot we hear you ask, El’tee was born in the cultural melting pot of Hackney, East London back in 1996 he was brought up listening to his father’s love of soul music and it was soon very clear that El’tee was about to start his self-awakening journey into the music industry at a young age.

Music and singing runs through his blood, with dad Tony, a successful artist in the 90's, being a major influence and reason for El'tee picking up a mic. El’tee was introduced to professional recording at the tender age of 13.

Self-taught (with a little help from dad!) and listening to vocalists like Chris Brown, Frank Ocean and various underground American artists in the Rap scene, El'tee has developed his unique style of singing and rapping combined.

So, could El’tee be the most relevant artist the world has been waiting for? Only time will tell, but one things for sure you need to check this young singer out in person to get the true vibe of him.


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