Heartbroken Halsey was smitten with boyfriend G-Eazy before the couple's recent break-up, and was even considering having a baby with the rapper.

In an interview obtained by blogger Perez Hilton on Friday (13Jul18), which was conducted before the split, the singer was holding nothing back about her feelings for G-Eazy, revealing, "I love everything about him."

That changed days later amid reports the rapper had been unfaithful.

Gushing about the early days of the romance, Halsey added, "We both knew right away. We just didn't act on it. I had just gotten out of a break-up; he just got out of a break-up. We were both, like, at the peak of our careers. (His song) Me, Myself & I had gone seven times platinum. (My song) Closer was, like, the biggest thing in the world. I just didn't have time."

And she even opened up about a perfect day out with G-Eazy, revealing they loved dressing up "old-school" and driving his 1965 Ford Mustang to Malibu, California to "go eat in a cafe by the beach and sing Amy Winehouse in the car".

Meanwhile, their breaks would involve "driving out into the woods, holing up in a cabin for five days, and skinny-dipping in a river."

"I haven't found someone who matches every version of me until him," she continued. "Like, he's my left sneaker. For every version of him, there's a version of me to match."

Halsey also had a dream future mapped out with the rapper, explaining, "Once my tour is over, I feel like anything could happen. I could decide I want to move to Italy for a year and write. I could get pregnant. I finally have enough stability in my career where I can take a breath. I feel like I can let life happen.

"I'm also really happy, so it's hard. You're almost wishing something bad would happen, but you don't want to sabotage your life."