Tetra is a psychedelic jazz rock band from Philadelphia, PA. Occupying a space somewhere between the wandering melodies of bossa nova and the rhythmic grooves of progressive rock, Tetra use their music to submit a socially conscious critique of the status quo.

Derived from the Greek prefix for the number four, Tetra’s name references the four musicians that comprise the group, Zachary (guitar & vocals), Sam (Bass), Tyler (Guitar), and Tyler (Drums). Playing together in various iterations since 2006, the members of Tetra have developed a 6th sense of musicality and mutual intuition that manifests itself high energy sets scattered with spontaneous symphonic ad libbing

Their first studio album, Chill Chill Mega Chill, is set to be released in Spring 2018. Featuring an earnest mix of sing along hooks and kaleidoscopic jams, Chill Chill Mega Chill plants a seed for Tetra in the fertile ground of the Philadelphia indie rock scene.

“The Weekend” is a tune about expectations in the modern age. The way that prescribed behaviors are used to sell us things and determine interpersonal relationships -- and just how dumb a lot of that shit is.

There are many unspoken codes that govern different aspects of life, and I wonder sometimes if this superego phenomenon serves any purpose at all. The song is about asking that question -- asking if the life we live is the life we want or the life we think we want. And how do you even begin to tell the difference?

Website: tetra.band
Instagram: instagram.com/tetra.band
Facebook: facebook.com/chillchillmegachill

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