Charlie Puth's hit song We Don't Talk Anymore was inspired by a nasty bout of food poisoning.

The 26-year-old singer enjoyed worldwide success with the smash hit track, which featured Selena Gomez, in 2016. But opening up about the motivation to write the tune, Charlie admitted that it was an unusual situation that gave him the idea for the song.

"I was overseas one time and got this horrible stomach pain just from this undercooked food," Charlie said during an Apple Music Beats 1 clip on Monday (14May18). "As I was moaning in bed in my hotel room, I came up with this really good song idea. And that song idea was We Don't Talk Anymore, which is kind of strange."

Elsewhere during the interview, as Charlie answered questions from fans, he was asked to name the songs that make him cry.

"All By Myself by Celine Dion, the David Foster arrangement," he replied. "Before the third chorus, she's singing in A-major and it's all a capella and you're like, 'Are they gonna do something?'"

Last week, Charlie released his new album Voicenotes, which he is hoping will be another hit for him. The record has significant jazz influences, which the star is hoping his younger fans will enjoy.

"The whole album is jazz disguised as pop music," he told reporters at a press conference recently. "I've established a vibe where my music, it might lean adult in a way, but I still have 12-year-olds, teenagers, pre-teenagers - they are all singing the music.

"And that makes me the happiest guy ever because I'm secretly 'edumacating' them, whether they like it or not."