JAY-Z and Eminem are the latest stars to go after The Weinstein Company (TWC) for money they are allegedly owed.

Bosses of the failed film company, known as TWC, filed for bankruptcy protection in March (18) after months of looking for a buyer or investor to save it following the allegations of sexual assault against co-founder Harvey Weinstein, who was fired shortly after the exposes were published in October (17).

Private equity firm Lantern Capital have since won the bidding to take over TWC, but stars have come out in their droves in a bid to reclaim money they are said to be owed by the organisation before the sale goes ahead.

While actors including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Jake Gyllenhaal have all claimed they have bills outstanding, some music stars are now making similar claims.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Jay claims he is owed $480,000 (£353,823) by TWC - $240,000 (£176,920) for the 2017 documentary series Time: The Kalief Browder Story they worked on together and $240,000 for the upcoming Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story.

The rapper's claims are in start contrast to bankruptcy documents filed by TWC, in which they claimed they didn't owe Jay anything for the Browder project. They also made no mention of the Martin movie.

However, Jay alleges the amount he's owed could even be more than $480,000, as TWC haven't been forthcoming with their accounting documentation.

Meanwhile, Eminem claims TWC owes him $352,000 (£259,484). The 8 Mile star claims that he agreed to create one song for the soundtrack for 2015 movie Southpaw, as well as produce the soundtrack. However, he claims he still hasn't been paid for his work, with email exhibits as part of the case showing that his team had contacted TWC as recently as October (17) demanding the money.