The final episode of hit TV drama Scandal will close with a new Stevie Wonder song when it airs in America on Thursday night (19Apr18)

The show, starring Kerry Washington as political fixer Olivia Pope, is ending after seven seasons - and one final twist, before the soul icon's brand new tune is revealed.

Series creator Shonda Rhimes has confirmed Wonder's track will play out the show, but she has offered no more details.

The Lately singer's songs have featured throughout the programme, with Scandal music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas telling Billboard many of the tracks she picks for episodes come straight from Shonda’s personal playlist.

Talking about a scene which features Wonder's Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing in season four, Patsavas says, "I had not had the great privilege of licensing Stevie Wonder a lot before Scandal. He was definitely a muse for the show.

"Oftentimes songs are selected in post, after the scene is shot. In this particular instance, that song was decided on in advance so that it could really be danced to. I think that’s my favourite (Stevie Wonder moment) of a very competitive field."

Meanwhile, Scandal star Bellamy Young reveals one of the lasting images of her time on the show was the moment she learned she was about to become a series regular in season two - as she arrived home from a trip to India.

"I had literally gotten off the plane," she tells Access Live. "I'd been in India for a couple of weeks, which was a beautiful trip, but it was supes budge (low-budget)... I got off the phone and I was like, 'Oh, my first steady job in L.A...' and I was like, 'I should have bought that ring in Jaipur!' I still think about that one ring in Jaipur. I can see it now, it's so pretty."

And she has thanked the show's fans, known as Gladiators, for making sure there was a second season, adding, "We were so on the bubble but the family that Kerry (Washington) had the foresight to build online, that's what gave us a chance... That was life-changing."