Jared Letos friend has sought a restraining order against a "delusional" fan who believes she's in a relationship with the 30 Seconds to Mars rocker.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Jared's pal Emma Ludbrook is concerned about the danger Noele Sewell poses to Jared, his brother Shannon and two other people. Apparently, Sewell is under the impression that she and Leto are dating, and that it's his close circle of friends that are preventing them from seeing each other.

Ludbrook claims Sewell has called Leto "multiple times and left strange voicemails", and once sparked concern by sending him an email stating that she was "taking an overdose of pills".

Steps have already been taken to prevent Sewell from getting close to Leto - she's banned from attending 30 Seconds to Mars events, but continues ignoring their requests to stay away. Ludbrook adds a warrant was previously issued for Sewell's arrest over her "continued harassment", while a restraining order was issued in her "home country" - although it wasn't specified which country this was.

Calling her "delusional and unpredictable", Ludbrook wants a restraining order issued that would result in an arrest if Sewell was to violate it and try and see Leto.

However, Ludbrook's request was denied on Wednesday (18Apr18), meaning she will have to continue fighting the case at a hearing next month.

A blog post on Wordpress that appears to have been written by Sewell in 2012 suggests she had been a big fan of the band up until the point she was "ostracised" with no explanation.

"I followed all the rules, did the missions, didn't upload illegal videos or music, reported those that did. Supported the band and crew 100 per cent, she wrote. "Yet I was ostracised, outcast for who knows what and yet the people who do download illegal posts of music and vids, speak poorly of the band and crew are kept in the family. I don't understand. To this date not one person has the balls to even tell me WHY I was banned in the first place. I have asked and no one will answer."