Nicki Minaj has labelled her social media hiatus "the most genius decision I ever made".

The 35-year-old singer sparked concern when she disappeared from sites such as Instagram and Twitter, with her last posts coming in December (17). While many fans were worried about Nicki's wellbeing, others were sure she was working on new material - and they were right. Nicki is back on the music scene with new singles Chun-Li and Barbie Tingz, and said during an interview with Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 radio show that her time away from social media contributed to her writing "the best" album she's ever created in her life.

"I needed to focus," Nicki told Lowe. "I wanted to make sure I was writing something that was meaningful to me and that would inspire and that would captivate my audience.

"But most importantly, I just wanted to have fun again, I wanted to go into the studio and have fun without giving a s**t about... I didn't want to see anything. I wasn't only not posting, I took all forms of social media off my phone, and it actually was the most genius decision I ever made."

Elsewhere in the interview, Nicki opened up about ex-boyfriend Meek Mill and his current incarceration - which stems from a probation violation from a 2008 arrest.

When asked for her thoughts about Mill being behind bars, Nicki said: "I don’t wanna talk about legal things..." before adding, "What made me shed tears the other day was seeing his mother cry... She, during the relationship, was always so sweet to me."

She also said that she was going to save many of her thoughts about Mill's situation for her documentary, which is believed to chronicle the creative process behind the making of her new album.