Toni Braxton is keen to do more acting work as she simply loves performing.

The singer-songwriter is primarily known for work in the music industry, rising to fame in the early 1990s with her self-titled debut album and her second record Secrets, which she unveiled in 1996.

But after appearing in reality TV show Braxton Family Values and acting in TV movie Faith Under Fire: The Antoinette Tuff Story, which was released in January (18), Toni has now shared that she is interested in further branching out into Hollywood.

"Acting isn't organic for me; I practice and take classes, but I love it," she told Billboard magazine. "The good thing is more people are starting to call me since Faith (Under Fire)."

However, Toni may have to put her acting plans to one side for now, as she is currently promoting Sex & Cigarettes, her eighth studio album. It features singles Deadwood and Long as I Live, with the star explaining that the record marks a new phase in her career.

"I can't believe I've sustained 25 years in the business; I never imagined all the things I've accomplished through the ups and downs. Downs that got so low I never thought I'd still be here. But for whatever reason, music has always given me the strength to get up and the balls to try again," the 50-year-old said.

And even though Toni is focused on her new music, there is still one song that she will never tire of – Breathe Again. First released in 1993, the tune remains her favourite, and she even performed it at Rihanna's recent 30th birthday party.

"It's my go-to song that I can sing anytime. If I need to warm up, if I need to impress you with my vocal skills, if I want to feel good as I heal people with broken hearts, that's the song I'm going to sing. It's like that classic black Chanel dress that goes with everything," she smiled.