Rapper Pitbull had to scrap a prestigious meeting with United Nations officials on Thursday (22Mar18) due to a snowstorm.

The Fireball hitmaker and humanitarian was set to be appointed the Clean Water Here Ambassador on World Water Day and he was making his way to the U.N.'s headquarters in New York City, where he was scheduled to make a speech about the global water crisis.

But he couldn't fly into the Big Apple on Wednesday (21Mar18), as a winter storm hit the city and dumped several inches of snow, and he had to issue a statement about his absence from the Water Action Decade campaign launch.

"I sincerely apologize that I cannot join today...," the statement reads. "(However) today, we launch the 2018-2028 Water Action Decade. Improving clean water access is close to my heart.

"While I am not a global water expert, I am a music leader. I am an expert at making the globe move through music. Water access has a strong impact on people's ability to progress. Climate change is complex, but water is life..."

Pitbull goes on to explain that he named his most recent albums Global Warming, Globalization and Climate Change to raise awareness about environmental issues and he is grateful to continue his work as a U.N. global ambassador.

"Clean Water Here is committed to improving safe water access for all," he adds. "I am honored to be Global Ambassador. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my thoughts with the U.N. Delegates on World Water Day 2018.

"It is crucial to raise awareness about the importance of water. Those who do not face this issue on a daily basis need to understand that water is so powerful it can destroy through two extremes associated with climate change: creating droughts or drowning cities. Again, it is simple water is life (sic)."