Camila Cabellos fans have come out in force after a woman interrupted her Lollapalooza gig on Saturday (17Mar18) by storming the stage and pushing the singer.

The Havana star was performing at the annual music festival in Argentina, belting out her hit tune Bad Things when the unknown female made her way onto the stage, before shoving the pint-sized star.

Video has since emerged of the incident, in which the anonymous assailant can be seen taking something out of her mouth as she approaches Camila. It was later reported that the woman had put chewing gum in Camila's hair as she headed off the stage on the other side.

In the footage of the attack, Camila could be seen looking confused by what was happening, before shrugging and holding up her arms as she continued her performance without a hitch.

The former Fifth Harmony star has yet to mention the incident on her social media pages, but her fans weren't quite as willing to let things go, taking to sites such as Twitter and Instagram to vent their anger over what had happened.
"ok but honestly where was the security? i mean, that person pushed her softly but it really could've been worst," one wrote, while another added, "Where was the security when that girl walked on stage and pushed camila? What if someone else did the same thing & pushed her until she fell or physically hurt her? someone fix this mess."

A third tweeted: "I didn't even know that crazy b**ch stuck a gum on Camila's hair. It's so triggering... I'm raging. I wish someone would have pushed her psycho a*s off the stage."